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How To: Partition your hard drive on Mac

Sometimes we need to separate our hard drive into independent chunks of space and we call this partitioning. This is most often not needed, but if you want to install another operating system on your computer you will find this to be needed or to protect a system from failure. (Please note that this does not protect you from hardware failures)   […]

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How To: Decompress an Archive

For most of us we unknowingly decompress archives all the time. That’s because Apple built it into the Mac OSX operating system and all it takes is a double click (or sometimes automatically). However sometimes you run into a situation where that file you downloaded just won’t decompress. Hopefully this how-to will help.

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Free on iTunes

How To : Get the Most Out of iTunes

iTunes is not only the way to sync content to your iPod, iPhone and iPad, but it’s also an incredibly powerful media management system. Here are some ways to use iTunes that will have you feeling more organized and keep your iTunes library easier to use!

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How To : Use Migration Assistant to Transfer Files

Here are a series of tips and how-tos to help you use the Migration Assistant utility on your Mac to transfer files and programs from one Mac to another.

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iPhoto Trash

How To : Clear Space on Your Mac’s Hard Drive

For many of us, the memory that comes with our Mac when we buy it seems endless. We wonder how we’ll ever fill that space and what anyone could possibly need with hundreds of gigs of storage. However, a few months down the line of downloads, music storage, video edits, photos and more and we’re […]

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iMovie Share

How to : Use iMovie to share videos

If you’ve upgraded to iLife ’11, you’re probably already aware of all the fantastic options that you now have in iMovie to make unforgettable videos. From creating movie trailers to special effects and people finder, iMovie makes users looks like professionals with user-friendly tools. Once you’ve used iMovie to create the perfect film clip or […]

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How to: Share My Photos

Do you have vacation photos that you’re dying to share with your loved ones both near and far? Need advice on some paint samples or decor decisions? Now it’s easier than ever to share photos on your Mac. Here are a few tips on the easiest way to upload, share and publish your photos in […]

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