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how to format your hard drive on Mac

How To: Erase Hard Drive on Mac

If you want to erase or format a hard drive using a Mac, here are the quick instructions. The screenshot example is using an external hard drive I use for my Time Machine backups. First thing is to find the Disk Utility. I typically just type in a quick search in Spotlight at the top […]

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how to use Pages to open Word documents

How To: Open Microsoft Word Docs on a Mac

If you are asking how to open Word files on a Mac then you most likely have already tried to open a Word document/file and you were unsuccessful. If this is the case, then you probably don’t have Microsoft for Mac installed. Regardless, here are your options for opening a Microsoft Word file on Mac. […]

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Select a blank template for Pages on Mac

How To: Create Simple Charts in Pages on Mac

Apple Pages is word processing at it’s best. I realize there are some deficiencies here and there, but overall, I haven’t found anything I can’t do in Pages that I could do in say MS Word. That said, here is a simple tutorial on how to add a chart to your Pages document to bring […]

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How To: Enable or Disable Trackpad Clicking on a Macbook

So I have trackpad taping or clicking disabled on my Macbook Pro. I can’t stand accidentally touching my trackpad while navigating the web and selecting something that I didn’t mean to select. So, if you are wanting to enable or disable, here is your solution. Click the apple in the upper left hand corner of your […]

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How To: Adjust Screen Brightness on a Mac

I walk up to many Mac users and notice that their screens are very dim and the brightness seems to be turned down very low. Funny thing is that they have no idea! I couldn’t stand that for 5 seconds so I am clueless as to how they are working for hours that way. Regardless, […]

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Start Recording Your Screen on Your Mac

How To: Record Screen on Mac OS X

Many Mac users for one reason or another would like know how to record their Mac screen. For me, I want to be able to illustrate “how to” articles and tutorials for users, for some, they want to show their gaming buddies how awesome they are. So, whatever your reasoning, here is a free way […]

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How To: Decompress an Archive

For most of us we unknowingly decompress archives all the time. That’s because Apple built it into the Mac OSX operating system and all it takes is a double click (or sometimes automatically). However sometimes you run into a situation where that file you downloaded just won’t decompress. Hopefully this how-to will help.

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iPad Home Screen

How To : Get the Most Out of Your iPad with Our Top Ten Tips (Part 1)

There are so many ways to optimize the use of your iPad. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks in this two-part series on getting the most out of your iPad.

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How To: Personalize Your New Mac

Have you just bought a new Mac? Are you trying to figure out how to personalize it more to your tastes? Well you have found the right article. Use some of these tips and tricks to get your Mac looking and feeling the way you want it to. Changing Your Desktop This perhaps more than […]

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How to: Use Activity Monitor and How it Helps

Wonder why your Mac seems to be running slowly or whether or not an application needs to be shut down? Using Activity Monitor on your Mac is like taking your computer to the doctor – it’s a great way to quickly diagnose the basic processes of your machine and graphically shows you your Mac’s “vital […]

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