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iPod Disk Use

How To : Use your iPod as an external disk

A great way to bring your important files and documents with you on the go is to use your iPod as an external disk or hard drive. iPods are not just for listening to music or watching videos anymore and can now be quite useful in storing documents. Here’s a quick tutorial of how you […]

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Google Apps

How to : Use Google Apps on your iPhone

Are you an avid user of Google and Google applications but also a huge fan of your iPhone? Want to take the power and simplicity of Google tools with you on the go? Don’t despair since there is a suite of Google Apps that can be used on your iPhone with little to no set-up […]

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How To: Personalize Your New Mac

Have you just bought a new Mac? Are you trying to figure out how to personalize it more to your tastes? Well you have found the right article. Use some of these tips and tricks to get your Mac looking and feeling the way you want it to. Changing Your Desktop This perhaps more than […]

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Going From PC to Mac: The Basics

More and more people are continuing to make the jump from their PC setup to a Mac setup. If you are one of those people, then this is a basic setup guide that will definitely assist you during your transition. Congratulations on making a great decision, becoming a Mac user is going to be a […]

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How to: Use Activity Monitor and How it Helps

Wonder why your Mac seems to be running slowly or whether or not an application needs to be shut down? Using Activity Monitor on your Mac is like taking your computer to the doctor – it’s a great way to quickly diagnose the basic processes of your machine and graphically shows you your Mac’s “vital […]

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How to: Share My Photos

Do you have vacation photos that you’re dying to share with your loved ones both near and far? Need advice on some paint samples or decor decisions? Now it’s easier than ever to share photos on your Mac. Here are a few tips on the easiest way to upload, share and publish your photos in […]

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How to: Use Shortcuts and Utilities for Quick Tasks

Mac’s operating system is full of ways to cut down on the time that it takes to do certain tasks or shortcuts to make work easier. Though it seems daunting at first, there’s a huge list of available shortcuts that are simple to learn and will help you to save time and energy when working […]

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How to: Use Windows on a Mac

If you’re new to using a Mac and more comfortable with a Windows environment, don’t despair – now with Mac’s Intel-based solutions for the past few years, it’s possible to run Windows on your Mac. Though Apple’s OS will provide most users with all they’d ever need, some die-hard Windows users will be happy to […]

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How To: Back up your Mac

One of the most important things to learn when using a new application and operating system is how to back up important information and documents. All too often, users don’t educate themselves on how to back up their data until it’s too late.

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How To: Screenshots on your Mac

Whether you’re working on a presentation or looking to share an interesting image from the Internet, there are plenty of simple and easy ways to take screenshots on your Mac. From keyboard shortcuts to easy-to-use applications, taking screenshots will take your ability to share images to the next level. Keyboard shortcuts The simplest way to […]

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