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How To: Sync iPhone Contacts with Google Apps

So I have decided to write an article on something that I battled for an hour today (maybe two but i’ll never admit it)! I have my Google Apps account on my iPhone set to sync my contacts between my iPhone and Google. However, I was finding that many of my Google contacts didn’t have […]

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How To: Partition your hard drive on Mac

Sometimes we need to separate our hard drive into independent chunks of space and we call this partitioning. This is most often not needed, but if you want to install another operating system on your computer you will find this to be needed or to protect a system from failure. (Please note that this does not protect you from hardware failures)   […]

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Screensaver Hot Corners

How To: Customize Your Mac Screen Saver

You finally have the perfect screen saver on your Mac. Now let us share some tips with you on making your new screen saver be the best it can be. Just a quick reminder: to get to screen savers, click on the Apple icon in your menu bar. Choose System Preferences and then click on […]

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Screensaver Window

How To: Change Your Mac Screen Saver

If you aren’t familiar with changing the screensaver on your Mac, here are some simple steps to keep some variety before your eyes. Activate already installed Screen Savers 1. Under the apple icon on your menu bar, choose System Preferences. 2. Under the ‘Personal’ heading, click on the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ button. Once you […]

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Desktop Slider

How To: Resize Desktop Icons on your Mac

Sometimes its the little things that can make life a little easier. One such thing for your Mac desktop, is to resize your icons. By making everything a little bigger, you can find folders and files quicker without the strain. Begin by Control+right clicking on your desktop. A contextual menu will appear. Select ‘Show View […]

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How To: Decompress an Archive

For most of us we unknowingly decompress archives all the time. That’s because Apple built it into the Mac OSX operating system and all it takes is a double click (or sometimes automatically). However sometimes you run into a situation where that file you downloaded just won’t decompress. Hopefully this how-to will help.

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System Preferences Window

How To : Change your Mac Desktop

Most of us keep that serene blue that Apple provides for our Mac default desktop, or change out favorite vacation photos. If you aren’t familiar with changing this background, here are some simple steps to keep things fresh on your desktop. Under the apple icon on your menu bar, choose System Preferences. Under the ‘Personal’ […]

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Force Quit Application Window

How To: Force Quit on a Mac

For those of us who have converted from PCs to Macs, the Control+Alt+Delete option still remains foremost in our minds as the ultimate solution to the frozen computer. On a Mac however, if the swirling beach ball of waiting appears on your screen, you wonder if those three magic buttons will work the same magic. […]

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Select media in Image Capture application

How To: Download Images and Video from iPhone to Mac

It is wonderful to be able to take pretty pictures and beautiful video with your iPhone (HD video for those with an iPhone 4). You can even download apps like Camera+ to make your pictures even prettier! So you have great pictures and video… now what? How do I download my pictures and video to […]

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Select the Word format for Exporting from Pages

How To: Export Pages File to Word Format

I am of the personal opinion that if you are using MS Office for Mac then you aren’t really a true “Mac user”. Ok, so I got that out of my system 🙂 Pages (Apples’s word processing application) has more than enough functionality to replace Word for 99% of what most users are using it […]

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