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How To : Use your iPod as an external disk

A great way to bring your important files and documents with you on the go is to use your iPod as an external disk or hard drive. iPods are not just for listening to music or watching videos anymore and can now be quite useful in storing documents. Here’s a quick tutorial of how you can use your iPod as a drive and how to store and transfer files onto your device, also known as iPod “disk mode.” These tips can also help you to transfer music and media files from your iPod to other computers. Here’s how:

iPod Disk Use in iTunes

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Locate the “Source” pane in iTunes and select the iPod icon.
  3. Click on the summary tab.
  4. On the summary pane, you’ll be presented with a list of options of how to use your iPod. Select either “Enable disk use” or “manually manage music and videos” to enable your iPod as a drive. Choosing “manually manage” disables the automatic updates when you connect your iPod with your iTunes library so if you wish to continue to automatically update your device, select “Enable disk use” only.
  5. Now, your iPod disk icon will automatically appear in the Finder and on your desktop. To save files to your iPod for later use or sharing, simply drag and drop files into the iPod window and they will be copied instantly.
  6. Before disconnecting your iPod, be sure to eject the device first to ensure that the files have been copied and saved completely. Now you are ready to take your files and documents with you and your iPod will act as the perfect and compact storage drive, making it easier than ever to share your important files.

These tips can also help you to copy songs from your iPod to another computer. With iTunes, files and songs that have been transferred to an iPod cannot be transferred to another computer unless they have been purchased on iTunes. What about all of those songs that you painfully imported one by one from your CD collection? Here’s how to transfer them from your iPod to your computer quickly and easily.

Once you’ve followed the steps above to enable your iPod for disk use, you’re only moments away from being able to transfer your music files. Simply save these files to your iPod in disk mode by dragging them and dropping them onto the iPod disk icon and you’ll be able to transfer them and save them to a new computer with ease!

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