Set Parental Control in iTunes - Disable iTunes Features

How To: Set Parental Controls in iTunes

Being the father of 4 little ones and the oldest ones beginning to get on the computer, I can’t help but think about what I can do to limit their activity. One of their favorite things to do is play music through iTunes and dance around the house until they can’t stand anymore. They have actually gotten really good at maneuvering through iTunes to find what they want. So here are some steps to control what your kids see and have access to.

Launch iTunes and go to iTunes > Preferences > Parental Controls

Here you will be able to disable access to certain iTunes features such as Podcasts, iTunes Store or other Mac’s Shared Libraries and set content ratings.
Set Parental Control in iTunes - Disable iTunes Features

You can also set content restrictions like for movies and apps, setting them to PG-13 or 12+ respectively. This limits the user based on their age. Also, this will only apply to items bought from the iTunes store and not third party content such as burned DVDs or CDs.
Set Parental Control in iTunes - iTunes Content Restrictions

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