Restart Your Mac using the Apple Restart

How To: Restart Your Mac

If you are like me, you rarely turn your mac off. After you are done working you simply just close your laptop or maybe just turn your monitor off or put it to sleep. Sometimes your mac begins to get a little sluggish and doesn’t seem to run as efficiently as it usually does. This is often caused because your mac has been on for so long without any time of being turned off putting a drain on your system memory. One way to fix this is by restarting your mac. This helps clear your computer’s memory and gives you a fresh start. Here are some steps to restarting your mac.

Probably the quickest way is using the key command to restart, press Control + Command + Eject.

Restart Your Mac Key Commands

Another way to restart your mac is to choose the Apple key in the top left of the screen and selecting ‘Restart’.

Restart Your Mac using the Apple Restart

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