how to use Pages to open Word documents

How To: Open Microsoft Word Docs on a Mac

If you are asking how to open Word files on a Mac then you most likely have already tried to open a Word document/file and you were unsuccessful. If this is the case, then you probably don’t have Microsoft for Mac installed. Regardless, here are your options for opening a Microsoft Word file on Mac.

  1. Microsoft has an Office suite specifically for Mac. You can purchase this software from the Apple store retail or the Apple store online here. Once the Office suite is installed, you can open Word documents easily.
    how to open Word documents with Office for Mac
  2. Another option is Apple’s Pages software that comes with their iWork productivity suite. You can purchase this from the Apple store as well. This solution will open Word document files, however you will need to either export back to word format or save as a Pages file. I recommend iWork and Pages as the solution of to use Pages to open Word documents
  3. You can download in install Open Office here. It is a free option for opening, editing and saving Word documents on a Mac. While I recommend Pages, Open Office is the next best option. You can open, edit and save files in their native format without having to export, like Pages requires.
    how to open Word documents with Open Office

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