How To : Maximize iPhone Battery Life

As many iPhone users learn the hard way, the iPhone is amazing right out of the box but sometimes the battery life is disappointing. Nothing is worse than forgetting your charger and realizing your iPhone battery is going to die before you can recharge it. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your iPhone battery charge and will have you needing to plug the phone in to charge way less frequently than before. Here are a few key ways to maximize your iPhone’s battery life.

  1. Keep it cool: one of the biggest drains on an iPhone’s battery is excessive heat and high temperatures. For this reason, it’s important to get a breathable case for the phone and to not store it in very hot areas.
  2. Update your software: iPhone’s software updates are important not only for security and new features but they also often provide modifications to prolong battery life. Make sure your iPhone software is up to date by plugging it into iTunes and clicking on “Check for Update” will ensure that you have the latest update on your iPhone.
  3. Adjust the brightness: access your brightness settings by tapping the Settings icon and then “Brightness.” While the super-bright display is attractive, it’s a major drain on the battery. Adjust these settings to make the display as dim as you would like and your battery life will improve exponentially based on how low you set the brightness.
  4. Turn off the WiFi: if you leave the WiFi setting on and you are traveling in and out of coverage areas, your iPhone will consistently search for a signal which will place an enormous drain on your battery life. Get in the habit of turning off the WiFi whenever you’re not using it and you’ll notice a huge difference in how long you can go without a charge on your iPhone.
  5. Disable Push Notifications: many applications use Push notifications to send information to you in alert format. These apps are constantly fetching data and will eventually place a strain on your overall battery life. To change the settings and disable some or all of your notifications, tap “Settings” and then “Notifications” to manage your notifications. Turn them all off or pick and choose which ones to disable – regardless, disabling even a few will make a difference in your battery life.
  6. Lock your iPhone: this one may be a bit more obvious, but locking your iPhone will ensure that the screen will stay off at all times and will save battery life. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your iPhone to turn the screen off instantly.

These are just a few little things that you can do that will make huge differences in the battery life of your iPhone. Pick one or go through each on the list and you’ll find that you’ll get a lot more out of each charge on your iPhone and be able to go longer between needing to plug it in.

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