How To: Lock the Screen Orientation on Your Apple Device (iOS 4.2 or later)

Have you ever been using your iPhone, iPad or iPod and the screen changes the orientation of everything when you didn’t want it to? If so, here is a quick how to on locking the screen of your device.

Start by double-clicking the Home button on your device.
iPhone Home Button

This will reveal the Task Switcher at the bottom of the screen. Next, slide your finger over to the right to access the hidden options on the Task Switcher.
Task Switcher Screen

Once you see the hidden options, click the button on the far left, the one that is grey with an arrow going in a circular motion. This will add a small lock icon in the middle of the arrow and lock the screen in portrait mode.

For iPad only – Landscape Orientation Lock
The iPad allows you to lock the screen in either Portrait or Landscape. To do this, simply hold your iPad in the orientation you want to lock it in and go through the above steps. Once you click the lock button, your iPad will be locked in the orientation you were holding it in.

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