Screensaver Hot Corners

How To: Customize Your Mac Screen Saver

You finally have the perfect screen saver on your Mac. Now let us share some tips with you on making your new screen saver be the best it can be.

Just a quick reminder: to get to screen savers, click on the Apple icon in your menu bar. Choose System Preferences and then click on Desktop & Screen Saver. Once this window is open, click on Screen Saver at the top.

  • Click on Options to view of variety of available configurations for your selected screen saver. The options available will be different for each screen saver. A few examples are: Present slides in random order, Crop slides to fill screen, and Keep slides centered.

Screensaver Options

  • Your screen saver can be set to start anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 hours once your Mac goes idle. Use the slider button titled ‘Start screen saver’ to choose your desired amount of time. Note that ‘Never’ is also an option.
  • If you really want to spice up your screen, click ‘Use random screen saver’ on the left side of the Screen Saver window.
  • To activate a feature that allows you to start your screen saver manually, click on ‘Hot Corners’ in the bottom of the Screen Saver window. A box will appear and you will need to select ‘Start Screen Saver’ from one or more of the four drop down boxes and then click OK. Your screen saver will start as soon as you move your mouse to the designated corner of the screen. Make note that your mouse must be put all the way up in the corner of your screen, as if you were moving it off of the screen.

Screensaver Hot Corners

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