Select a blank template for Pages on Mac

How To: Create Simple Charts in Pages on Mac

Apple Pages is word processing at it’s best. I realize there are some deficiencies here and there, but overall, I haven’t found anything I can’t do in Pages that I could do in say MS Word. That said, here is a simple tutorial on how to add a chart to your Pages document to bring that extra flare to your presentation or your data. This article assumes you have iWork and a recent version of Pages (iWork 08, 09 or better).

  1. Launch Pages by clicking on the app in the applications directory or searching for it in Spotlight. The illustration below is showing how to search for Pages in Spotlight and open from there.
    How to find and open Pages for Mac
  2. Once you have Pages open, you should see the Template chooser where you can select a template for your document. I am selecting the blank template.
    Select a blank template for Pages on Mac
  3. Now that you have your document open and ready, you need to choose a chart type to insert. I am selecting the simple “column chart” from the insert menu.insert chart into Pages document for Mac
  4. Now you can edit the data within your chart. Notice the columns, rows and cells like a spreadsheet document. When you make changes here (illustration below) those changes will be reflected in your document.
    change data in your Pages chart for Mac
    edit chart data Mac
  5. Add columns to your chart by adding new rows to your data table. Click in the label row/cell below your last row/column to edit and/or add label text.
    add new rows to your Pages chart on Mac
    add new column chart data to Pages for Mac
Have fun with your pretty charts in Pages!

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