Screensaver Window

How To: Change Your Mac Screen Saver

If you aren’t familiar with changing the screensaver on your Mac, here are some simple steps to keep some variety before your eyes.

Activate already installed Screen Savers

1. Under the apple icon on your menu bar, choose System Preferences.

System Preferences Window

2. Under the ‘Personal’ heading, click on the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ button. Once you select the Screen Saver button, any screen savers already installed on your Mac will appear in the left window. You will see your currently selected screen saver in the right window.

3. To change your screen saver, click on one listed in the left window. You can click on Test to see what your new screen saver will look like on your screen.

Screensaver Window

Screen Savers from iPhoto

If you use iPhoto, this application will also come up in the left window as having options to use as a screen saver. To use photos from iPhoto, begin by selecting Library in the left window.

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