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How To: Delete and Uninstall Applications

Deleting and Uninstall Application Deleting or uninstalling an app comes in a variety of flavors. There’s the app you installed from the internet, apps installed via Apple Store and apps installed via installers. Deleting and App (downloaded from the internet) This is probably the most common situation and a very simple solution, but you might […]

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How To: Email Web Pages and Links from Safari

We all do it. We browse the web and come across something that we think that certain person in our lives would really enjoy seeing or reading. There are a handful of easy ways for sharing those pages that we just have to share. While in Safari do the following and everyone will enjoy what […]

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Set Parental Control in iTunes - Disable iTunes Features

How To: Set Parental Controls in iTunes

Being the father of 4 little ones and the oldest ones beginning to get on the computer, I can’t help but think about what I can do to limit their activity. One of their favorite things to do is play music through iTunes and dance around the house until they can’t stand anymore. They have […]

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how to use Pages to open Word documents

How To: Open Microsoft Word Docs on a Mac

If you are asking how to open Word files on a Mac then you most likely have already tried to open a Word document/file and you were unsuccessful. If this is the case, then you probably don’t have Microsoft for Mac installed. Regardless, here are your options for opening a Microsoft Word file on Mac. […]

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Select a blank template for Pages on Mac

How To: Create Simple Charts in Pages on Mac

Apple Pages is word processing at it’s best. I realize there are some deficiencies here and there, but overall, I haven’t found anything I can’t do in Pages that I could do in say MS Word. That said, here is a simple tutorial on how to add a chart to your Pages document to bring […]

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How To: Change the Safari Default Tab Settings on Mac

If you have just setup a new Mac, you might have realized that by default, Safari is opening links in a new window. This drove me crazy when I realized it. Seriously, are they trying to go back in time and compete with IE? Ok, so here are a quick few steps on how to […]

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Start Recording Your Screen on Your Mac

How To: Record Screen on Mac OS X

Many Mac users for one reason or another would like know how to record their Mac screen. For me, I want to be able to illustrate “how to” articles and tutorials for users, for some, they want to show their gaming buddies how awesome they are. So, whatever your reasoning, here is a free way […]

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Select media in Image Capture application

How To: Download Images and Video from iPhone to Mac

It is wonderful to be able to take pretty pictures and beautiful video with your iPhone (HD video for those with an iPhone 4). You can even download apps like Camera+ to make your pictures even prettier! So you have great pictures and video… now what? How do I download my pictures and video to […]

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Select the Word format for Exporting from Pages

How To: Export Pages File to Word Format

I am of the personal opinion that if you are using MS Office for Mac then you aren’t really a true “Mac user”. Ok, so I got that out of my system 🙂 Pages (Apples’s word processing application) has more than enough functionality to replace Word for 99% of what most users are using it […]

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Open App Cleaner to remove the desired Mac Applications

How To: Uninstall Mac Applications

As much fun as it is to find and install applications on your Mac, sometimes you run into a situation where you need to uninstall the application completely. Here are some reason why you might want to uninstall applications on your Mac: You want to free up some disc space on your hard drive You […]

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